Sunday, August 16, 2015

Picture Post 1 Things I Like

100 Things I Like

  1. Chocolate covered strawberries
  2. The smell of rain
  3. Nice winged eyeliner
  4. Cute stationery 
  5. Oil blotting sheets
  6. Pancakes
  7. All Things Disney
  8. Music
  9. Reading good books
  10. Cameras
  11. Cats
  12. Dogs
  13. Cute shoes
  14. Clothes
  15. Headphones
  16. Sleep
  17. Tumblr
  18. Instagram
  19. Youtube
  20. Youtubers
  21. 5sos
  22. Art
  23. Cheesecake
  24. Flowers
  25. Traveling
  26. Matte Lipsticks
  27. Sketching
  28. Jackets
  29. Nail Polish
  30. My phone
  31. Beanies
  32. Cotton candy skies
  33. Daydreaming
  34. Movies
  35. Board Games
  36. Card games
  37. Nice People
  38. Sticky notes
  39. Smiling
  40. Laughing
  41. Being alone (sometimes)
  42. Being with friends 
  43. Socks
  44. Graphic Tees
  45. Waterfalls
  46. Puns
  47. Black (as in the color xD)
  48. Selfies
  49. Home decor
  50. Baking
  51. Red velvet cake
  52. Flannels
  53. Sewing
  54. Skinny Jeans
  55. Hightops
  56. Dresses
  57. Dying my hair
  58. Stickers
  59. Phone cases
  60. Oreos
  61. KitKats
  62. Painting
  63. Hair styles
  64. Tattoos
  65. Milkshakes
  66. Stuff animals
  67. My Bed
  68. Pillows
  69. Onesies
  70. Perfume
  71. Lip Balms
  72. Wallpaper
  73. The moon
  74. The stars
  75. Pjs
  76. Grilled cheese
  77. Sharpies
  78. Crafting
  79. Making others smile
  80. Autumn 
  81. Candles
  82. Citrus smells
  83. Water
  84. Cute nicknacks
  85. Sticking out my tongue
  86. Acting
  87. Cheesy Romantic Things
  88. Hedgehogs
  89. Cupcakes
  90. Ice cream sandwiches
  91. Regular sandwiches
  92. Pizza
  94. Pointless facts
  95. Jewlery
  96. Crossword Puzzels (Cuz I'm an old granny like that :P)
  97. Hugs
  98. Cuddles
  99. Exploring
  100. Rain drops :)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tattoos and Piercings?

I have neither. I got my ears pierced when I was in seventh grade but both piercings got infected and closed :( not to mention it hurt a lot! So here's a list of tattoos and piercings I would consider getting if I were brave enough.


Something on the side of my finger on my left hand. Whether it be an arrow, a music note, flower, cat whiskers, idk.

A word or short quote on my left wrist. 

Something on my collar bone/neck area, left side xD 

Something on the side or bottom of my foot. 

Something behind my ear or on the back of my neck xP

Something on one side of my toes (preferably on the right foot, gotta even the tats up xD) 


Canine bites or snake bites or just a lower lip piercing on the side. And I'd probably only wear lip rings if I had one xD. 

A cartilage ear piercing on my right ear. Idk I've heard these hurt a lot and nasty infections can happen... But if I did have one I'd probably wear studs and earring cuffs :P 

Realistically if I were to ever actually go through with any of this I'd probably only truly consider the piercings just because I'd have too hard of a time deciding what I would permanently want drawn on my body forever O_o. And I don't like the fact that tats fade over time. :/ Plus my parents would most definitely not approve. My mom hates it when I draw on my arm xD. I still do it tho. Sorry ma. With piercings I can always remove it once it "sets"? lol those of you who have piercings know what I mean xD. So I don't have to look at it everyday xD 

Thanks for reading, Joyce x.