Sunday, July 26, 2015

You've ruined something I loved :-(

Growing up I've always loved the taste and flavor of green tea. Green tea flavored kitkat, pocky, ice cream, the tea itself (hot and/or cold :p) I LOVE IT! But as of today this delicious beneficial flavor has been ruined forever. Just kidding. BUT it has downgraded my taste bud chart and I feel very disappointed and slightly betrayed. (I say slightly because I'm currently in the stage of denial). So let me stop ranting for just a bit so I can give you the full back story: (*cue flashback music) 

         It's my parents, friends, birthday so they decided to buy her a green tea flavored cheesecake. After the dinner party they come home with the leftover cake. My mother told me their friend (let's call her Victim No.1, V1 for short,) insisted they bring home the leftover cake for me :D as they know how much I like sweets : ). Well little did I know that it's angelic appearance did not match it's ever lasting satanic impression. I'm not being over dramatic okay?! As a long time green tea lover myself I never would of thought that I would say something so horrific about my dear loving matcha and to be honest it kinda breaks my heart :'( </3. I took the left over cake out of the fridge and ate a mouthful of the whipped cream. While doing so I was cutting a nice fine slice onto a plate. The whipped cream didn't bother me, it was the green tea powder covering the whole top of the cake itself that was the problem. My fork went in. Piercing through those fluffy sponge cake layers and that mouthful of cake went in, matcha powder on the tongue First. I immediately start cough-gagging. It was soooo dry and bitter! Something I imagine expired tobacco would taste like. But I took it like a champ and the whole thing went down. It was enough for me to scrape that whole top layer off but even after that I was just so upset that I couldn't really bring myself to eat much more and my brother ate it all for me. I could tell he didn't like it either but for the sake of being asian and not wasting food I guess xD he choked it all down. Shortly after I told my mother to call and apologize to V1 for feeding her the "cake" but she ignored me and even said confidently that the cake was good. My mother thought it was good. Oh. my. god. my. mother. is. on. drugs. Probably from that expired tobacco lump of shit -_-' (*cue end of flashback music.)

Now I'm not going to let one bad experience destroy my whole view of green tea flavored cake. So will I ever try match cake again? Of course! Maybe not in a heartbeat and defiantly not this one but for sure. I'm trying to be open minded. Maybe my taste buds grew and matured and now I don't like matcha as much as I used too, after all I am a year older now xD. Maybe the powder really was expired so it didn't taste good. Or the bakery that made the cake just didn't do a good job. Or Satan wanted to troll me and cursed it to taste like hell. All reasonable possibilities. 

-with love, Joyce x. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Dairy Blog?

I'm shy. I barely talk in school and everyone always asks me "What's wrong? You look sad." I'm not sad that's just my face..... O_o I'm not a loner. I do have a small handful of friends but if I'm being honest, no one I can really express my true true self. But I guess that's my own fault huh? I've always been the type of person that has trouble expressing their self. Can I blame that on my zodiac sign xD? Nevermind, getting to the point. A Dairy Blog. A Blog post about your day or whatever.... let's try this:

07/22/15 Wednesday 
Blog Dairy Entry No.01 

       I woke up at 11:45am today because I had an orthodontist appointment to go too. My dad drove me and when I got there, they put in a "chain" on my upper set of braces. I was out of there within ten minutes. Then we drove back to the market where my parents worked and my mom drove me home. BUT WAIT!!!!! We went to the maaaaallllll!!!!!! And we got a take out sub sandwich :D. And now I'm home, sandwich gone, writing the worst dairy blog post in history.... Yea today was a boring day. Like everyday in my life... I'll try this again when I actually do something with my life xD. Sorry for wasting your eyeball energy :( I'm the worst blogger ever, I know...

Friday, July 17, 2015

Being a July 17 Cancer.

It's my birthday! :) July 17 and I'm a cancer :P.

I've never taken astrology readings seriously but I'd be lying if I told you I didn't agree with at least some of the stuff they "claim" cancers to be. And I gotta admit, it is fun to read it every once in a while ;). But it's nothing I live by or anything xD. 

So here are some things I agree and disagree with based on this article for cancers specifically born on July 17: *disclaimer not trying to brag in any way and all opinions are mine!!

Things I agree with:

  • I feel like I do have a good sense of humor but I only show it if were close.
  • I am compassionate, soft-<3ed, and loyal. 
  • Patience is something I'll usually have a lot of but if I'm in a crabby (pun intended ahaha) mood then screw the whole patience thing and I'll snap. ;)
  • I'm definitely insecure and lack confidence xD this might also take part into me being a complete introvert as well.
Things I don't agree with:

  • I'm definitely not an all-round intelligent person xD. That sounds way too cocky to claim. 
  • I always end up being the listener of a conversation so I don't know why this article claims that I'm pigheaded and tenacious haha but I thought that was funny. 
  • I'm not active and sporty! Nope :P more on the artsy side I'd say..
  • And I don't set goals and achieve them bc I'm unmotivated but I do daydream a lot xD 

~Sincerely, Joyce x. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Weird Habits

I have a thing with lists. As you can confirm with my previous posts. I honestly didn't want this post to be another "list" but I literally have no idea what to write about in a non list form. And plus lists are easy. There easy to make, read I just can't help myself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I promise I'll write a post in a non list form soon :) 

I talk to myself. A LOT. Now I know everyone does this but I feel like I just do it on a Completely different level. I'll make up stories that I keep on going back too. Like there's different people with names and characteristics that I've just developed in my head over time and it's really really weird. I also make up extreme real life scenarios and how I would want to act but honestly if those scenarios really do end up happening I'd probably not act as cool or spunky as I do in my head... I kid you not I catch myself talking to myself everyday and it's come to a point where I don't react to it anymore and I just let myself freely do it in the comfort of my own home and this is getting sad. I mean at least I'm not super mental where I do it in public or even in front of my family. I'm talking to myself in my head yes but out loud no xD. I don't need another drug added to my list. And no how dare you think I do actual drug drugs. NO. I was taught by D.A.R.E in the fifth grade to don't huff don't puff and keep away from that stuff! ahahaha but seriously kids don't do drugs. Drugs in my case are the travel bugs and the internet xD

I tend to brush my teeth in the shower. Yea I'm one of those people. Look the way I see it is: It saves so much more time and water! I mean your cleaning your whole body anyways so might as well just clean the teeth too while your in there! And now that its currently summer, I take pretty late showers. So I mean I've already had my midnight snack and everything ;) 

I fidget. Now I'm not the type of person that always furiously clicks their pen in class or rapidly shakes their leg when they sit (actually I have been getting into this one ugh.) but I tend to cross my legs when I sit but then I always find myself uncrossing and crossing again with my other leg on top. And instead of pen clicking I tend to resort to doodling or doing those pen turn "trick" things you know what I mean? Or I'll touch my hair. I mean I don't twirl it like you see in the movies of the 'dumb hot blonde' but I'll take it all to one side of my shoulder or to the other side or I'll throw it all back or I'll look for split ends xD. 

I Get Thirsty ;). Every. Single. Time. I. Get. In. The. Car. I always need to drink water. (haha did I trick ya with the beginning xD.) I don't know why I do it. Really I don't. I always take a full unopened bottle of water to the car and for some magical reason I don't open it until I'm in the car and were driving. And the most annoying part, I take ONE sip. Just one. Screw back on the lid and forget about the water bottles existent the rest of the car ride. Call me crazy, call me weird, I can't even deny it cuz I know it's true xD. 

And I think I'll end my list with that :). Thanks for reading and until next time,

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Places I want to Travel to

Travel. One of my favorite words. I wrote in a previous post (Bucket List (17) that I'd expand more on this topic. So here it is :) Hope you all enjoy! 

In this post I'll be listing my Top 10 countries/ U.S. states I want to travel to (places that I have not yet been to) and why w/pictures of course :) 

No. 10: New Jersey 

I'd want to go to New Jersey bc of the food and bc it's right next to New York (which is also on this list) and I feel like if I go to New York, then I have to go to Jersey. It's like an added bonus :) Important enough for a slot on my list xD.

No. 9: Massachusetts 

Same reason for why I'd want to go to Jersey but not bc of the food.The reason I'd prefer to go to MA more than NJ is bc it seems like it'd be less busy compared to NJ (tourist wise) bc international travelers only really know New York. 

No. 8: Florida 

The only reason I'm interested in traveling to Florida is solely bc of Disney World xD. And although Disney is amazing, it's not enough to be Up in the top half of my list (or at least I don't think so), sorry Mickey. 

No. 7: Australia 

Come on, does Australia really need a reason to why I'd LOVE to go? They have cute animals like koala's and kangaroos that make up for their terrifying snakes and spiders. They have amazing scenery day and night (from what google images provide) and I wouldn't mind listening to a cute aussie accent while I search for Dory and Nemo ;) Ok I probably killed an Australian with my stereotypical insight on Australia I'm so sorry.

No. 6: New York 

Ever since I was in 5th grade I've always dreamed of going to The Big Apple (how typical ik *eye rolling to another galaxy*). It has amazing attractions and I love how it's always busy and how pretty it looks at night with all of those lights. -Side note I'd love to go there during fall where it's not too cold (I hope) and with all those colorful leaves, I mean how gorgeous would that be?!- So if I love it so much.... why did I choose to rank it No.6 you might be questioning me? Well.... I live in the United States and if I could have the opportunity to go ANYWHERE in the world, money not being an object, I'd choose to go to a whole different country for a complete whole new type of package like experience. Which is why the next five places I'd want to travel to are all different countries. 

No. 5: Spain

Specifically Barcelona (98% sure it's bc of the Cheetah Girls). I've always loved the idea of traveling all over Europe. I've already been to Italy and France, an experience I'll never forget! 

No. 4: The Netherlands

Specifically Amsterdam. I feel heavily attracted to the scenery. It looks amazing. Idk, it has such a calm and peaceful appeal to it. A place I'd really enjoy to visit and maybe even consider living in! Well that's a stretch considering I haven't even been there yet... 

No. 3: Japan 

I had to make a brochure and presentation of a 1O day trip for a school project so I'd definitely know where to go and what to do here. Plus I'm currently taking Japanese as my choice of language class in school so I wouldn't be completely helpless xD. I've always heard of the craziest but coolest things from Japan so I'd definitely have a shopping spree here! And the fact that they have endless kitkat flavors?! Sold! I already have my trip planned xD now it's just a matter of when and how to get there. 

No. 2: South Korea

I've techinically been here before. A few years ago my parents and I were flying to China but we had to stay a night in South Korea. When we arrived in South Korea, it was already night time but after we still went out into the city to walk around after checking in. I don't quite remember everything that happened that night but I do remember that I loved it and I really want to go back and plan an actual trip there. 

No. 1: United Kingdom

Yes. If I could go anywhere in the world I'd go to London, England. Why? Well given that I've already gone to France and Italy, I feel it's only right if I go to England. Plus theres so much to see and admire! Well if I'm being honest that applies for where ever you go. But I guess that just means I have a soft spot for European countries :p. 

I long to travel the world and make unforgettable memories with the people I love. 
See you in my next blog post

Monday, July 6, 2015

Bucket List (17)

Hello! So I decided to write 17 things I personally want to do before I die (as of 
now xD). These are just some very fun and random things so please don't take this seriously. Enjoy and I hope this inspires you to make or add on to your own bucket list!

***P.S. If your wondering why I chose to list only 17 experiences, it's because 17 is my birthday number and since this is my birth month I thought I'd get in the spirit xD. Ok bye :p.

My Bucket List:
1. Have a tea party Alice in Wonderland style xD. 

2. Attend a Broadway musical show.

3. Go to Florida and experience the happiest place on Earth. (Or so they say, aka Disney World.)

4. Travel. (I think I'll expand more on this topic in another post).

5. Have an epic photoshoot! (you know, the type of shoots celebrities do for magazine covers) *I've actually done this one. Well once with my mom when I was in fourth grade xD. 

6. Go to an art gallery event.

7. Create. Whether it be a piece of clothing, a brand, a book, etc. I want to create something big :) 

8. Dye my hair an insane color xD. 

9. Go berry/flower picking :O <3

10. Ride a horse ;p

11. Experience a karaoke night xD 

12. Meet a celebrity (Hahaha in my dreams xD) This is solely for bragging purposes if it ever happens lol.

13. Bury someone neck deep in sand. I tried doing this to a friend once. It didn't work tho :/

14. Go roller skating! (I guess by now you can tell from my bucket list that I need to get out more.....)

15. Try deep fried ice cream ;P yum!

16. Go glow in the dark mini golfing

17. And lastly, Go to this insane trampoline jump room thing.... 

**Thanks for staying and reading :) I appreciate it. ;) 

No. 1

Hello there! My names Joyce and this is my first ever blog post so bare with me please. I've composed some questions and answers to help you get to know my blog a little better.

1.) Why'd you start this blog?
             I wanted to try something new and the idea of blogging and being a 'blogger' sparked enough interest in me to try and do it :)

2.) What type of content will your blog posts consist of?
             Anything I want it too lol. I don't want to tie myself down to one specific thing but to give you an idea I guess... things related to beauty, style, cute animals, food, life experiences (the good and the bad), and everything in between xD

3.) How frequently will you be posting?
             I have no idea. The thing is when I start something new I get obsessed fairly easily but I'm also one to loose obsession fairly quickly. It all really depends on how far this whole blogging thing works out for me I guess. :P 

4.) Why did you choose the username joycecpochacco?
            Simple. Joyce is my pen name. C stands for Chen my last name. And bc joycec was taken, I added pochacco (the sanrio character) simply bc I think he's cute :) 

And those are literally all the questions I can think of rn.... How sad ik I'm sorry but I'm just going to have to leave it as it is right now bc I've got a pounding headache probably due to the fact that I've been on my computer basically the whole day. And yea, I can save this in the draft section but knowing myself better than anyone I'd probably won't add anything more. Thanks for reading my first ever blog post and I hope you stick around :p