Sunday, July 26, 2015

You've ruined something I loved :-(

Growing up I've always loved the taste and flavor of green tea. Green tea flavored kitkat, pocky, ice cream, the tea itself (hot and/or cold :p) I LOVE IT! But as of today this delicious beneficial flavor has been ruined forever. Just kidding. BUT it has downgraded my taste bud chart and I feel very disappointed and slightly betrayed. (I say slightly because I'm currently in the stage of denial). So let me stop ranting for just a bit so I can give you the full back story: (*cue flashback music) 

         It's my parents, friends, birthday so they decided to buy her a green tea flavored cheesecake. After the dinner party they come home with the leftover cake. My mother told me their friend (let's call her Victim No.1, V1 for short,) insisted they bring home the leftover cake for me :D as they know how much I like sweets : ). Well little did I know that it's angelic appearance did not match it's ever lasting satanic impression. I'm not being over dramatic okay?! As a long time green tea lover myself I never would of thought that I would say something so horrific about my dear loving matcha and to be honest it kinda breaks my heart :'( </3. I took the left over cake out of the fridge and ate a mouthful of the whipped cream. While doing so I was cutting a nice fine slice onto a plate. The whipped cream didn't bother me, it was the green tea powder covering the whole top of the cake itself that was the problem. My fork went in. Piercing through those fluffy sponge cake layers and that mouthful of cake went in, matcha powder on the tongue First. I immediately start cough-gagging. It was soooo dry and bitter! Something I imagine expired tobacco would taste like. But I took it like a champ and the whole thing went down. It was enough for me to scrape that whole top layer off but even after that I was just so upset that I couldn't really bring myself to eat much more and my brother ate it all for me. I could tell he didn't like it either but for the sake of being asian and not wasting food I guess xD he choked it all down. Shortly after I told my mother to call and apologize to V1 for feeding her the "cake" but she ignored me and even said confidently that the cake was good. My mother thought it was good. Oh. my. god. my. mother. is. on. drugs. Probably from that expired tobacco lump of shit -_-' (*cue end of flashback music.)

Now I'm not going to let one bad experience destroy my whole view of green tea flavored cake. So will I ever try match cake again? Of course! Maybe not in a heartbeat and defiantly not this one but for sure. I'm trying to be open minded. Maybe my taste buds grew and matured and now I don't like matcha as much as I used too, after all I am a year older now xD. Maybe the powder really was expired so it didn't taste good. Or the bakery that made the cake just didn't do a good job. Or Satan wanted to troll me and cursed it to taste like hell. All reasonable possibilities. 

-with love, Joyce x. 

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