Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Dairy Blog?

I'm shy. I barely talk in school and everyone always asks me "What's wrong? You look sad." I'm not sad that's just my face..... O_o I'm not a loner. I do have a small handful of friends but if I'm being honest, no one I can really express my true true self. But I guess that's my own fault huh? I've always been the type of person that has trouble expressing their self. Can I blame that on my zodiac sign xD? Nevermind, getting to the point. A Dairy Blog. A Blog post about your day or whatever.... let's try this:

07/22/15 Wednesday 
Blog Dairy Entry No.01 

       I woke up at 11:45am today because I had an orthodontist appointment to go too. My dad drove me and when I got there, they put in a "chain" on my upper set of braces. I was out of there within ten minutes. Then we drove back to the market where my parents worked and my mom drove me home. BUT WAIT!!!!! We went to the maaaaallllll!!!!!! And we got a take out sub sandwich :D. And now I'm home, sandwich gone, writing the worst dairy blog post in history.... Yea today was a boring day. Like everyday in my life... I'll try this again when I actually do something with my life xD. Sorry for wasting your eyeball energy :( I'm the worst blogger ever, I know...

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