Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Places I want to Travel to

Travel. One of my favorite words. I wrote in a previous post (Bucket List (17) that I'd expand more on this topic. So here it is :) Hope you all enjoy! 

In this post I'll be listing my Top 10 countries/ U.S. states I want to travel to (places that I have not yet been to) and why w/pictures of course :) 

No. 10: New Jersey 

I'd want to go to New Jersey bc of the food and bc it's right next to New York (which is also on this list) and I feel like if I go to New York, then I have to go to Jersey. It's like an added bonus :) Important enough for a slot on my list xD.

No. 9: Massachusetts 

Same reason for why I'd want to go to Jersey but not bc of the food.The reason I'd prefer to go to MA more than NJ is bc it seems like it'd be less busy compared to NJ (tourist wise) bc international travelers only really know New York. 

No. 8: Florida 

The only reason I'm interested in traveling to Florida is solely bc of Disney World xD. And although Disney is amazing, it's not enough to be Up in the top half of my list (or at least I don't think so), sorry Mickey. 

No. 7: Australia 

Come on, does Australia really need a reason to why I'd LOVE to go? They have cute animals like koala's and kangaroos that make up for their terrifying snakes and spiders. They have amazing scenery day and night (from what google images provide) and I wouldn't mind listening to a cute aussie accent while I search for Dory and Nemo ;) Ok I probably killed an Australian with my stereotypical insight on Australia I'm so sorry.

No. 6: New York 

Ever since I was in 5th grade I've always dreamed of going to The Big Apple (how typical ik *eye rolling to another galaxy*). It has amazing attractions and I love how it's always busy and how pretty it looks at night with all of those lights. -Side note I'd love to go there during fall where it's not too cold (I hope) and with all those colorful leaves, I mean how gorgeous would that be?!- So if I love it so much.... why did I choose to rank it No.6 you might be questioning me? Well.... I live in the United States and if I could have the opportunity to go ANYWHERE in the world, money not being an object, I'd choose to go to a whole different country for a complete whole new type of package like experience. Which is why the next five places I'd want to travel to are all different countries. 

No. 5: Spain

Specifically Barcelona (98% sure it's bc of the Cheetah Girls). I've always loved the idea of traveling all over Europe. I've already been to Italy and France, an experience I'll never forget! 

No. 4: The Netherlands

Specifically Amsterdam. I feel heavily attracted to the scenery. It looks amazing. Idk, it has such a calm and peaceful appeal to it. A place I'd really enjoy to visit and maybe even consider living in! Well that's a stretch considering I haven't even been there yet... 

No. 3: Japan 

I had to make a brochure and presentation of a 1O day trip for a school project so I'd definitely know where to go and what to do here. Plus I'm currently taking Japanese as my choice of language class in school so I wouldn't be completely helpless xD. I've always heard of the craziest but coolest things from Japan so I'd definitely have a shopping spree here! And the fact that they have endless kitkat flavors?! Sold! I already have my trip planned xD now it's just a matter of when and how to get there. 

No. 2: South Korea

I've techinically been here before. A few years ago my parents and I were flying to China but we had to stay a night in South Korea. When we arrived in South Korea, it was already night time but after we still went out into the city to walk around after checking in. I don't quite remember everything that happened that night but I do remember that I loved it and I really want to go back and plan an actual trip there. 

No. 1: United Kingdom

Yes. If I could go anywhere in the world I'd go to London, England. Why? Well given that I've already gone to France and Italy, I feel it's only right if I go to England. Plus theres so much to see and admire! Well if I'm being honest that applies for where ever you go. But I guess that just means I have a soft spot for European countries :p. 

I long to travel the world and make unforgettable memories with the people I love. 
See you in my next blog post

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