Monday, July 6, 2015

Bucket List (17)

Hello! So I decided to write 17 things I personally want to do before I die (as of 
now xD). These are just some very fun and random things so please don't take this seriously. Enjoy and I hope this inspires you to make or add on to your own bucket list!

***P.S. If your wondering why I chose to list only 17 experiences, it's because 17 is my birthday number and since this is my birth month I thought I'd get in the spirit xD. Ok bye :p.

My Bucket List:
1. Have a tea party Alice in Wonderland style xD. 

2. Attend a Broadway musical show.

3. Go to Florida and experience the happiest place on Earth. (Or so they say, aka Disney World.)

4. Travel. (I think I'll expand more on this topic in another post).

5. Have an epic photoshoot! (you know, the type of shoots celebrities do for magazine covers) *I've actually done this one. Well once with my mom when I was in fourth grade xD. 

6. Go to an art gallery event.

7. Create. Whether it be a piece of clothing, a brand, a book, etc. I want to create something big :) 

8. Dye my hair an insane color xD. 

9. Go berry/flower picking :O <3

10. Ride a horse ;p

11. Experience a karaoke night xD 

12. Meet a celebrity (Hahaha in my dreams xD) This is solely for bragging purposes if it ever happens lol.

13. Bury someone neck deep in sand. I tried doing this to a friend once. It didn't work tho :/

14. Go roller skating! (I guess by now you can tell from my bucket list that I need to get out more.....)

15. Try deep fried ice cream ;P yum!

16. Go glow in the dark mini golfing

17. And lastly, Go to this insane trampoline jump room thing.... 

**Thanks for staying and reading :) I appreciate it. ;) 

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