Friday, July 17, 2015

Being a July 17 Cancer.

It's my birthday! :) July 17 and I'm a cancer :P.

I've never taken astrology readings seriously but I'd be lying if I told you I didn't agree with at least some of the stuff they "claim" cancers to be. And I gotta admit, it is fun to read it every once in a while ;). But it's nothing I live by or anything xD. 

So here are some things I agree and disagree with based on this article for cancers specifically born on July 17: *disclaimer not trying to brag in any way and all opinions are mine!!

Things I agree with:

  • I feel like I do have a good sense of humor but I only show it if were close.
  • I am compassionate, soft-<3ed, and loyal. 
  • Patience is something I'll usually have a lot of but if I'm in a crabby (pun intended ahaha) mood then screw the whole patience thing and I'll snap. ;)
  • I'm definitely insecure and lack confidence xD this might also take part into me being a complete introvert as well.
Things I don't agree with:

  • I'm definitely not an all-round intelligent person xD. That sounds way too cocky to claim. 
  • I always end up being the listener of a conversation so I don't know why this article claims that I'm pigheaded and tenacious haha but I thought that was funny. 
  • I'm not active and sporty! Nope :P more on the artsy side I'd say..
  • And I don't set goals and achieve them bc I'm unmotivated but I do daydream a lot xD 

~Sincerely, Joyce x. 

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