Monday, July 6, 2015

No. 1

Hello there! My names Joyce and this is my first ever blog post so bare with me please. I've composed some questions and answers to help you get to know my blog a little better.

1.) Why'd you start this blog?
             I wanted to try something new and the idea of blogging and being a 'blogger' sparked enough interest in me to try and do it :)

2.) What type of content will your blog posts consist of?
             Anything I want it too lol. I don't want to tie myself down to one specific thing but to give you an idea I guess... things related to beauty, style, cute animals, food, life experiences (the good and the bad), and everything in between xD

3.) How frequently will you be posting?
             I have no idea. The thing is when I start something new I get obsessed fairly easily but I'm also one to loose obsession fairly quickly. It all really depends on how far this whole blogging thing works out for me I guess. :P 

4.) Why did you choose the username joycecpochacco?
            Simple. Joyce is my pen name. C stands for Chen my last name. And bc joycec was taken, I added pochacco (the sanrio character) simply bc I think he's cute :) 

And those are literally all the questions I can think of rn.... How sad ik I'm sorry but I'm just going to have to leave it as it is right now bc I've got a pounding headache probably due to the fact that I've been on my computer basically the whole day. And yea, I can save this in the draft section but knowing myself better than anyone I'd probably won't add anything more. Thanks for reading my first ever blog post and I hope you stick around :p

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