Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Squad

Joyce: I'm the artistic one. I can read you like a book. I'm the "tomboy" girl of the group if you like labels :P. I'm all about black and white. It's classic and simple. Fresh. (But I do wear other colors xD) I'm dyslexic but I love to read, dance, and basically do anything artistic. And not bragging but I'm pretty g at piano ;) but Livy's better xD. I'm also the baker of the group. Ppl say I'm the "relatable, funny, girl version of Joey, badass, Don't give a shit" one in the group.

               Daniel: My older bro

Joey: My brother from another mother. Love him to death. He helped me through some of the hardest years of my life. I've known him the longest (since primary school 3rd grade). He means too much to me. He thinks of me as a little sister (even though were the same age) that he must protect. He's good at sports and cooking (especially meats ;P). We have way too many inside jokes. He's the chick magnet of the group. Always flirting w/everyone and thing. The badass that acts like an asshole but is a teddy bear when it counts. He's the strong stunt man. And also the most perverted... 

              Princeton: Joey's little brother (age 4). Sweet little thing. He's definitely gonna be a heartbreaker when he grows up ;) 

Olivia: I call her Livy. She's my little sister from another mister xD. Were a year apart and even though I've only known her since junior high (7th grade), we clicked like a seatbelt. She's cute, innocent, and gullible. She's amazeballs at impressions (voice actress right here) and she has a HUGE sweet tooth just like me xD. Her and I are either polar opposites or in common to the T with anything and everything. There is no in between with us. But that's how we work. I wouldn't want it any other way. She also gets teased the most xD but she knows its out of love. She keeps me grounded. The ballerina of the group. My bff <3 love you. 

Derrick: I call him Ricky/Gramps. He's the oldest. Met him in college through Joey. He's my partner in crime when it comes to dance. He's kinda like the guy version of Livy. Like the sweet cool nerd that dances xD. He's the smart ass. We tend to argue a lot about choreo. He's a really good dancer and instructor. He's into anime and all about the 626 CA night market life. Your typical So-Cal asian. He's the dad, sweet-guy, tech-guy, on the squad. 

Natalia: I've actually known her since high school but we never really talked until Joey brought us all together. I thought she was too popular and cool for me. Plus anyone with eyes can tell we definitely differ in well.... everything. But I still love her. She's the older sister I never had. The Fashionista, Diva Beauty Queen. She's basically the hair, makeup, and wardrobe lady for our dance shows. She's confident, sassy, fierce, fun, and has a heart a gold. I call her Nat and she calls me J. She's mom. 


Patrick- Our dance manager. I call him Pat/Patty :) 

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