Saturday, September 12, 2015

OK Pros and Flaws

Joyce: Ambervert 
P: Independent. Brave (but she doesn't know it). Knowledgeable. Well-rounded. Creative. 
F:  Impatient. Bad time management. 
Joey: Extrovert 
P: Independent. Courageous. Confident. Well-rounded. Out going. 
F: Bad Temper. Horrible at keeping his mouth shut. 

Olivia: Introvert 
P: Patient. Loving. Always sees the brighter side. Forgiving. Graceful (ballet) 
F: EXTREMELY Clumsy. Gullible. 

Derrick: Introvert 
P: Independent. Understanding. Good at keeping secrets. knowledgeable. 
F: Can sometimes be too independent.  Single minded. Hard-headed. Too hard on himself. 
Natalia: Extrovert 
P: Confident. Courageous. Out going. 
F:  Not good at stable relationships. Controlling. 

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